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Seoul-Man Centric?

30 Oct

I consider myself a pretty open minded person, but maybe being a California native has made me too open minded or excessively liberal.

Seoul…capital of South Korea, home to 10 million people, 20 million if you count the amount of commuters that come from outside of the city to work every single day. I have been here for over 2 months now, and I have loved every minute out of it. From the fashion, to the technology…yet, there is one thing that I still haven’t figured out. One thing I haven’t been able to quite understand just yet. I know this is a strange first blog to have, but this has been on my mind since my first encounter with my Korean co-workers and friends. It is a topic I have being trying to analyze and rationalize for over two months now.

In a society where women are judged mainly on aesthetics and less on what’s upstairs, women over the age of 25 are considered “old” if they are not married or engaged. I understand the need to have a family, but in my mind, what’s the rush? What is the point?

Seoul is a city based on cutting edge technology with a growing economy; however, when it comes to gender norms, in a nutshell, Seoul is America in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Women are seen as inferior, and men are still dominant in business and the work place. Most women try to be house wives and home bodies while their husbands are out working. The men are chauvinistic, but also romantic…which doesn’t make senseĀ I know. They will spoil their girlfriends with gifts and then go off to a “massage parlor” after a long day at the office. I guess I just don’t quite get it.

Whether it be my upbringing of an independent strong willed mother or the ultra liberal California air, I was raised to believe women had all the same rights and freedoms as men did. I’m not a big fan of societies that are man-centric in nature or societies that don’t take women into consideration when discussing the economic progress of a country. Sorry, that’s just me.