Christmas Travels

17 Jan

I need to update you more regularly. I apologize for the long hiatus, I’ve been extremely busy and had a special visitor visit me from home and after working 9-5, then exploring Seoul every night and crazy sleepless weekends, I had zero time for you. While I want to share my experience of the past month with you, I need to update you on my current situation. I am in Thailand! I just got to Bangkok after being in Vietnam for a week, and while the vibe in Vietnam was chaotic yet cool, Bangkok is a whole other world. Nothing like I have ever experienced. It’s vibrant, rowdy, yet modern and sophisticated as well. I love it. I could live here. Safety hasn’t been a problem so far like I thought it would be so I am happy about that, but you never know, better to be safe than sorry right?!

So, let me tell you about my week in Vietnam first, myself and two friends started our vacation in Ho Chi Minh city which is in the south of Vietnam. A crazy city filled with mopeds, it’s about 80 percent mopeds, 20 percent cars. And pedestrians Do Not have the right of way. The first night there we just relaxed and had pho around the corner, it was only a dollar and it was amazing! The second day we just walked around, shopped, explored, crossing the streets is no fun, you constantly feel like you’re going to get hit by a car.

Christmas eve was unbelievable, my friends family took us on mopeds through a crazy street were no foreigners go, just locals, it was a huge street dedicated to Christmas lights and decorations. everyone was walking around, taking pictures, enjoying their friends and family. Viewing the city from a moped is ten fold better, the warm breeze on my face and zooming around traffic and people while watching sights was so exhilarating.

The cu chi tunnels were interesting as well, minus the American killer remarks haha it was funny Vietnamese propaganda but I know the Vietnamese don’t dislike Americans anymore, we were treated w respect and curiosity everywhere we went.

the food was my favorite part of Vietnam. now that I’ve been in Thailand for almost a week, I can honestly say I miss pho already. The pho, the sandwiches, bun cha, vermicelli, the veggies and coconut water.

Hanoi had a more relaxed vibe than Ho Chi Minh but still a city of mopeds and chaos. We did some sightseeing, ate the local food, and walked around a lot.

Halong bay was the best part of the north. amazing limestone scenery, amazing caves, and kayaking was fun too, so relaxing and serene.

So, I started this post while in Thailand but never got to finish it, I should have just posted it but for some reason I thought I would have gotten back to it sooner.

So, let me recall back to Phuket, Thailand since that was about two weeks ago haha. It was PERFECT. beaches, heat, tanning, foot massages, and lots of shopping. It is sooooooooo touristy, sales people haggling you everywhere you go but I still loved it. The fact you can sit on a beach chair a few from the ocean, and have food, drinks brought to you all while shopping and getting massages is paradise! I want to go back. Luckily, that was the last leg of our trip and it was beautiful and relaxing.

Now, I’m back in Seoul and have been getting back into the groove of work, it’s a busy time of the year since the school year is almost up and we have a end of the year festival. I am in charge of the two 5-year old classes which is no cake walk! They are so cute, but have trouble remembering their lines. It is fun to watch them get into it though, I’ve realized when it comes to teaching, the kids are only as engaged as you are in the material. If you have a boring voice with no enthusiasm, how are they supposed to get into the teaching??

I promise to start updating you more frequently. I know I will have more time now, well actually this weekend I am going to Taipei, Taiwan for the lunar new year but as soon as I get back from that, I am all yours I promise!

I want to update you more on friends, family, and love! Needless to say, each situation deserves its own post šŸ™‚


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