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California is coming to an end.

5 Sep

Oh no, exactly one week left until I jet-set off to Europe. How did my month back in California go by so fast! I am sad yet getting excited and anxious! My mom is a clinical hoarder and it’s driving me a little nuts. Plus my sister is never home, and the kids just started school so I am getting even more antsy to leave! I am planning to spend my last weekend in LA and although I feel guilty for leaving my mom, I see my mom everyday and she’s so busy with my grandma that I know she won’t mind. Plus, my last two nights home will be in San Diego.

OMG Labor Day weekend, I forgot to tell you! WOW Tabby’s birthday was more crazy than I expected. We went to the Fortune pool party at Andaz (it was F&%$* hot) then Quality Social for dinner (where my sister left me for most of it) then to Beefam’s house (whom I had just met) then to Sidebar for 5/10 (people there are weird!) then to Fluxx for Lil Jon. Why is my sister friends with Lil Jon? WTF. hahaha entertaining to say the least though. I actually got to meet him and say hello all while dancing right next to him while he was DJing. It was def the perfect end to my LDW in San Diego. Too bad Tabby couldn’t make it to Fluxx. I guess we are getting old.

I hope this weekend is one to remember too! I am sure it will because I will get to spend it with my besties, Christine, Sunny and Maduko. I miss LA and I definitely want to hop over there before I leave. I want to visit Venice Beach, Santa Monica, maybe even take the girls out to a little Korean BBQ so I can show off my terrible Korean. We shall see! I will update when before I head off to Europe.


Rivy Reunion

28 Aug

OK so this past weekend was just NUTTY. I have been home in Cali for two weeks and it has been amazing. Spending time with my niece and nephew. my mom. mexican food. avocadoes. PERFECT weather. the beach. sisters. old friends from when I was young but WOW its been pretty mellow.

Up until this weekend. My UCR group of friends and I rented this amazing beach house in Mission beach. 3 nights. Before half the crew even came, I partied all night at bang bang and fluxx with my sister, Dimitris, and Clayton, such a wild drunk night. We saw Nero and ATB which was fun…from what I can remember. Then Friday night. It was so crazy to see the girls, especially when I first saw them and picked them up at the train station. It felt so nostalgic to be sitting in the car with them just chatting like old times. We went to the house and immediately started getting schmammmered. We went bar hopping in PB, PB Alehouse, Firehouse, Duckdive. So fun. The best part was the surprise I felt when I saw Danny, Ryan and Coop who I had NO CLUE were coming. It was such an awesome surprise and I couldn’t stop smiling all night. Afterparty was fun. Went to bed around 5am.

Sat day, we had micheladas and cheeseburgers for lunch. Then went to the beach and continued the drinking. Sat night was Bottle Poppin time! So awesome! I love dancing around the table, laughing, twerking and getting crazy. I was WOW drunk. It was so fun! I even took a random pole, and sunglasses from the DJ Booth. So wild.

Sunday, wavehouse (ravehouse) and beach. Sunday night chill. Said bye to most of the crew. Monday, Christine Maduko and I hit up Torrey Pines and Ocean Beach. SHOP SHOP SHOP. we all got the California necklace from http://www.mimi&red.com too! Such a cute necklace, gotta represent. but yeah…lots more happened but I can’t be to indecent on this thing haha.

Overall, great weekend with good friends. #ucr baby! Started from the Rivy, now we here! So proud of our crew, doing big things!