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Oh Europe

29 Sep

SERIOUSLY. I’ve been in Europe for three weeks. time F*(@#*@ flies. I am going to try and remember everything that happened because the first two weeks were a whirlwind.

I did a Contiki tour to start my vacay to try and see as much of Europe as possible in a short period of time, and be able to meet some cool new people as well. 7 countries in less than two weeks, probably not the best idea but it was INSANE. To insane for this little old lady.

London: London was to short, I basically just met my tour group the first night, had dinner with them, went to a bar, walked around Russel Square a bit and thats it. I need to go back.

Netherlands: Well Amsterdam to be exact. It was cold, dreary, and a looong coach ride from London. We stopped by the hotel FIRST but I had to rush, and shower so didnt leave much time to get ready. Afterwards, we went to dinner with everyone and went on a canal cruise where the party started! It was really fun actually, and I met the first few people who I automatically loved, Mahe and Sara. and of course, Kiran who I hit it off with in London immediately. We got drunk on the canal, then went straight to the sex show WTF where we thinking. So mechanical. thats all. Then we went to some pubs got more drunk, danced a bit partied with people. hung out. then taxid back with Mahe and Sara. fun fun.

The next day, we took pics at the big Amsterdam sign and then walked around the area. Went to a COFFEE shop. Yay! fun. Then had lunch, did some more sightseeing, touristy shopping. It was a dreary rainy day.

Germany: Alright, so Munich was AWESOME. my fave was the bike ride, we had a fun guy from DC, super cool! Toured the amazing park by bike, then went to the largest outdoor beer garden, had a beer with lemonade i forgot the name! had some pork knuckle, bratwurst, potatoes, salad, it was delish. Then biked back, then went to a hofbrauhaus, beer hall, drank to much beer. Thats it I think. ohhh then went back to the hostel/hotel which SUCKED, stupid door keys. and partied in the bar downstairs, danced reggaeton with Anna who is my fave little Mexican girl in the group. danced a lot actually, got sweaty. then tried to stay up late and walk around Munich which was DEAD anyways. it was raining too. then went back and fell asleep.

Austria: Everyone was white water rafting, i tried to sleep but failed. but had a nice walk with my boo Sandrini, las Japoneses too they are cute. Then went to hostel, which was cool! had my own room. and got ready to party. The first white, tight, and bright party, prepartied in the room with mahe, Sara. Oh wait, im confused where did I have my own room, oh in Rhine Valley! Thats where we did the wine tasting which was awesome! but yeah the other Austria was the party where I got way to drunk and smuggle alcohol in, which was way to strong! but i had fun dancing on poles and booty dancing with Kelly who could barely stand she was so drunk, haha! oh yeah and Ghoulash, yum!

Italy: HANGOVER has set in. tired and exhausted for most of the day on the coach.  but Italy was so romantic, or Venice was which just made me happy. The grand canal, the pizza, the atmosphere, st.marks square. just perfect. the sunset gondola ride. Dinner SUCKED. well gnocchi sucked, and carpaccio was a bit much. shouldve stuck to pasta.

Switzerland: WOW mesmerizing. amazing. Luzerne, Lucerne, was sooooo picturesque. We ran around shopping, i got a swiss watch yay!

Then we headed to our amazing hotel by the waterfall, wow! BUT i was so sick I couldn’t eat dinner one night, so i just slept or at least tried but couldn’t because i was feverish. it was terrible. Next day felt great, went up to Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe which was spectacular. The plateau, the picture, the ice cave, and the ramyeon of course! Delish. The cog railway up and down was good too. .

The base jumper accident was a buzzkill but somehow the boys seemed ok.

Skipped the swiss party, didn’t feel well.

FRANCE: Next day was PARISS finally started feeling ok, The first night we went up the Eiffel tower at night and just walked around, i bought wine and drank with like NO ONE, wow I thought I was lame. but yes I drank red wine under the eiffel tower what what?!

The next day, we got to sightsee allllllll day which was awesome. We started with Notre dame with everyone, had lunch at an overpriced place, then we split up. DJ, me, Kiran and Mohammed got a little drunk, shopped, walked around and went to a random street fair, it was SO Parisian. It was funny but I got tired. So our last night! WOW. It’s almost over. It was sad actually.

Our dinner was FANTASTIC. unlimited wine. escargot. duck L’orange. beef bourgignon. (spelling?) fromage, dessert, yum yum yum. Mase and Sandrini are sooo sweet, love them! Started taking pics. Everyone went to the cabaret show so a few of us decided to go get drunk on the street. It was so cool, Montmarte area is soooooo hilly and beautiful but interesting and kinda ghetto too. We went in some sex shops, some bars, Chat Noir the famous jazz club and THEN DJs phone got stolen. WOW. So yeah killed my night. plus i couldnt even get drunk anymore, to much red bull. Then we met everyone at O’Sullivans. danced danced. Left around 230, went home, and fell asleep. YAY. Go Fucking Paris.

Next morning was sad. everyone left, said goodbye to everyone. Then I spent the day with Sandrini and Anna which was nice. went inside Notre dame, then shopping. Then went to my hostel at Gare du Nord and SLEPT FOR TWO DAYS. haha.

I explored Paris a lot more before I left, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Lafayette, Republique, Catacombes, yeah yeah. oh the park was my favorite wow so beautiful!

Then NICE! Which is where I am at now. Nice is spectacular, I MIGHT be able to live here but then again its tooooooo small of a beach city. It was crazy during the summer but now it is more tranquil and while the beach is beautiful, the rocks kill it. Ive been spending time with people in my amazing hostel, and with Kai who has been flaky but we had a great day two days ago. The foods been awesome, cheese, bread, meat, wine, more cheese, pizza, pasta, yum yum yum. I miss KBBQ and mexican food though. I should cook for the hostel but im lazy and insecure about my cooking, haha we shall see.

Tomorrow, MONACO, yay finally!

I think that is it. WOW im tired. no more writing. I will update you as soon as I can, I missed you!


Another Day, Another House Wife

3 Nov

Teaching is amazing, it’s a truly great feeling. Seeing the smiling faces on the children every morning, seeing their cute little outfits, but I especially love their attempts to say “good morning Michelle teacher” because their Korean accent always sneaks in. Day after day, I slowly began to notice something though; every single child was being dropped off by their mother. Wow, I thought to myself.

There are a few rare occasions when I would see the grandfather and grandmother drop off the kiddies but eighty percent of the time, it’s their mothers. They are usually dressed to the tee, looking ready for a long day out on the town. Some of the moms carpool, some walk together in groups to drop the little Koreans off but it’s always the mothers, always beautiful, and they are usually always house wives.

At times, I think to myself that could be me that could be the life I could be living. But then I think again, and I realize that could never be me. I would never trade my life right now for their lives.

God willing, the mothers of my students are doing something besides shopping, eating and gossiping with friends. Hopefully, they are being active members in society and making a well-deserved contribution to Seoul society but more than likely they aren’t.

Many Korean women are raised to be house wives, focusing their attention on keeping the men in their life happy and healthy with little focus on their wants and needs. In many women’s minds as long as there is bread on the table and their husband comes home at a reasonable time, that is suffice for them, but not for me, never for me.

I want more; I deserve more and so do women all across man-centric Seoul and Asia for that matter. Unfortunately gender inequality is just another fact of life in Korean culture, another accepted norm by women across the country.

Yet, statistics show many women in Korea do work BUT one must always look at the socio-economic background of these women, many come from lower class families and therefore work to help maintain the family. Many of the married women in Seoul tend to come from the “high” society or from more respected Korean families.

I work and live in Songpa-gu, the wealthiest district in Seoul, and every single one of my Korean, women co-workers lives in other areas in Seoul, more inexpensive areas, less ritzy areas. Songpa is considered an area of happy families, and even happier husbands, considering most work in downtown Seoul and away from their families. After all, in Korean culture, it is normal to work sixty-hour work weeks at the very least, let’s not forget to mention, Korean’s largest company, its pride and joy, Samsung has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. So, something is going on here, what exactly happens behind closed doors? Well…one can only assume.

Seoul-Man Centric?

30 Oct

I consider myself a pretty open minded person, but maybe being a California native has made me too open minded or excessively liberal.

Seoul…capital of South Korea, home to 10 million people, 20 million if you count the amount of commuters that come from outside of the city to work every single day. I have been here for over 2 months now, and I have loved every minute out of it. From the fashion, to the technology…yet, there is one thing that I still haven’t figured out. One thing I haven’t been able to quite understand just yet. I know this is a strange first blog to have, but this has been on my mind since my first encounter with my Korean co-workers and friends. It is a topic I have being trying to analyze and rationalize for over two months now.

In a society where women are judged mainly on aesthetics and less on what’s upstairs, women over the age of 25 are considered “old” if they are not married or engaged. I understand the need to have a family, but in my mind, what’s the rush? What is the point?

Seoul is a city based on cutting edge technology with a growing economy; however, when it comes to gender norms, in a nutshell, Seoul is America in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Women are seen as inferior, and men are still dominant in business and the work place. Most women try to be house wives and home bodies while their husbands are out working. The men are chauvinistic, but also romantic…which doesn’t make sense I know. They will spoil their girlfriends with gifts and then go off to a “massage parlor” after a long day at the office. I guess I just don’t quite get it.

Whether it be my upbringing of an independent strong willed mother or the ultra liberal California air, I was raised to believe women had all the same rights and freedoms as men did. I’m not a big fan of societies that are man-centric in nature or societies that don’t take women into consideration when discussing the economic progress of a country. Sorry, that’s just me.