28 Oct

Jeez, I am so lazy. Its been almost a month since I last wrote on here. Europe has been FLYING by. I am getting very sad because I know I will be leaving Barcelona in two days. I don’t know why, partially it’s the come down, and i’m pmsing and I guess I just want to stay longer. Also, I know in a few months I will need to go back to work in Korea, but I actually don’t really want to.

I mean I love Seoul, and I love my friends there and mostly everything about it, minus the weather but I just want to move somewhere else but I know the system there and it’s so easy to find a job. I don’t want to waste months finding a job.

Anyway, back to Barcelona. This month has been SO MUCH FUN. Hands down the most fun I’ve had in years. I mean there are a few specific reasons for that, one being I don’t have a job so I get to sleep in everyday, explore the city everyday, party every night and shop shop shop.

I have a ridiculous obsession and basically purchased a new wardrobe while abroad.

The first weekend here, I partied with Liz who I met through GGI and it was the best first night. I met so many cool people who I still spend lots of time with here in BCN. I did lose my denim jacket, hahah OOPS. but it was worth it.

The second weekend, Kiran and Alex came from Wed-Sun and we just went wild. I didn’t think I could hang with the youngins but somehow I managed and we partied every night. and did lots of sightseeing as well.

The third weekend, Jess and her friends came, who were friendly enough but a bit too square bear for my taste. I guess with age comes a boring nature.

My last weekend was the BEST. I LOVE my roommate Maria, honestly I am going to her wedding, and she is coming to mine. We are SO similar. She is my first real German friend too which I love. Aww I am sad I am leaving her with Adam and Soren but I know she will be busy working and hanging out with other people.

I could go on for hours about what else I did while in Barcelona, basically all the touristy things of course, Montjuic, La Rambla, Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Parque de ciutadella, Born, Gotico, Gracia, Eixample, and THE BEACH, everyday all day. I went to the beach so much, man I am REALLY going to miss that more than anything. A two-minute walk, it doesn’t get much better than that.

I even took a day trip to Tarragona which was nice as well. I was to lazy, to hungover, and to comfortable in BCN that i didn’t go to Sevilla or Madrid. Owell, I will be coming back to Europe, you can count on that. Barcelona is the perfect city, my favorite so far. The people, the climate, the architecture, the nightlife, the food, the vibe, and a few other unmentionables.

I will truly miss you. DSC_2168 DSC_2182 DSC_2189 DSC_2195 DSC_2199 DSC_2201 DSC_2232 DSC_2236 DSC_2239 DSC_2262 DSC_2286 DSC_2308 DSC_2366 DSC_2375 DSC_2381


Oh Europe

29 Sep

SERIOUSLY. I’ve been in Europe for three weeks. time F*(@#*@ flies. I am going to try and remember everything that happened because the first two weeks were a whirlwind.

I did a Contiki tour to start my vacay to try and see as much of Europe as possible in a short period of time, and be able to meet some cool new people as well. 7 countries in less than two weeks, probably not the best idea but it was INSANE. To insane for this little old lady.

London: London was to short, I basically just met my tour group the first night, had dinner with them, went to a bar, walked around Russel Square a bit and thats it. I need to go back.

Netherlands: Well Amsterdam to be exact. It was cold, dreary, and a looong coach ride from London. We stopped by the hotel FIRST but I had to rush, and shower so didnt leave much time to get ready. Afterwards, we went to dinner with everyone and went on a canal cruise where the party started! It was really fun actually, and I met the first few people who I automatically loved, Mahe and Sara. and of course, Kiran who I hit it off with in London immediately. We got drunk on the canal, then went straight to the sex show WTF where we thinking. So mechanical. thats all. Then we went to some pubs got more drunk, danced a bit partied with people. hung out. then taxid back with Mahe and Sara. fun fun.

The next day, we took pics at the big Amsterdam sign and then walked around the area. Went to a COFFEE shop. Yay! fun. Then had lunch, did some more sightseeing, touristy shopping. It was a dreary rainy day.

Germany: Alright, so Munich was AWESOME. my fave was the bike ride, we had a fun guy from DC, super cool! Toured the amazing park by bike, then went to the largest outdoor beer garden, had a beer with lemonade i forgot the name! had some pork knuckle, bratwurst, potatoes, salad, it was delish. Then biked back, then went to a hofbrauhaus, beer hall, drank to much beer. Thats it I think. ohhh then went back to the hostel/hotel which SUCKED, stupid door keys. and partied in the bar downstairs, danced reggaeton with Anna who is my fave little Mexican girl in the group. danced a lot actually, got sweaty. then tried to stay up late and walk around Munich which was DEAD anyways. it was raining too. then went back and fell asleep.

Austria: Everyone was white water rafting, i tried to sleep but failed. but had a nice walk with my boo Sandrini, las Japoneses too they are cute. Then went to hostel, which was cool! had my own room. and got ready to party. The first white, tight, and bright party, prepartied in the room with mahe, Sara. Oh wait, im confused where did I have my own room, oh in Rhine Valley! Thats where we did the wine tasting which was awesome! but yeah the other Austria was the party where I got way to drunk and smuggle alcohol in, which was way to strong! but i had fun dancing on poles and booty dancing with Kelly who could barely stand she was so drunk, haha! oh yeah and Ghoulash, yum!

Italy: HANGOVER has set in. tired and exhausted for most of the day on the coach.  but Italy was so romantic, or Venice was which just made me happy. The grand canal, the pizza, the atmosphere, st.marks square. just perfect. the sunset gondola ride. Dinner SUCKED. well gnocchi sucked, and carpaccio was a bit much. shouldve stuck to pasta.

Switzerland: WOW mesmerizing. amazing. Luzerne, Lucerne, was sooooo picturesque. We ran around shopping, i got a swiss watch yay!

Then we headed to our amazing hotel by the waterfall, wow! BUT i was so sick I couldn’t eat dinner one night, so i just slept or at least tried but couldn’t because i was feverish. it was terrible. Next day felt great, went up to Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe which was spectacular. The plateau, the picture, the ice cave, and the ramyeon of course! Delish. The cog railway up and down was good too. .

The base jumper accident was a buzzkill but somehow the boys seemed ok.

Skipped the swiss party, didn’t feel well.

FRANCE: Next day was PARISS finally started feeling ok, The first night we went up the Eiffel tower at night and just walked around, i bought wine and drank with like NO ONE, wow I thought I was lame. but yes I drank red wine under the eiffel tower what what?!

The next day, we got to sightsee allllllll day which was awesome. We started with Notre dame with everyone, had lunch at an overpriced place, then we split up. DJ, me, Kiran and Mohammed got a little drunk, shopped, walked around and went to a random street fair, it was SO Parisian. It was funny but I got tired. So our last night! WOW. It’s almost over. It was sad actually.

Our dinner was FANTASTIC. unlimited wine. escargot. duck L’orange. beef bourgignon. (spelling?) fromage, dessert, yum yum yum. Mase and Sandrini are sooo sweet, love them! Started taking pics. Everyone went to the cabaret show so a few of us decided to go get drunk on the street. It was so cool, Montmarte area is soooooo hilly and beautiful but interesting and kinda ghetto too. We went in some sex shops, some bars, Chat Noir the famous jazz club and THEN DJs phone got stolen. WOW. So yeah killed my night. plus i couldnt even get drunk anymore, to much red bull. Then we met everyone at O’Sullivans. danced danced. Left around 230, went home, and fell asleep. YAY. Go Fucking Paris.

Next morning was sad. everyone left, said goodbye to everyone. Then I spent the day with Sandrini and Anna which was nice. went inside Notre dame, then shopping. Then went to my hostel at Gare du Nord and SLEPT FOR TWO DAYS. haha.

I explored Paris a lot more before I left, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Lafayette, Republique, Catacombes, yeah yeah. oh the park was my favorite wow so beautiful!

Then NICE! Which is where I am at now. Nice is spectacular, I MIGHT be able to live here but then again its tooooooo small of a beach city. It was crazy during the summer but now it is more tranquil and while the beach is beautiful, the rocks kill it. Ive been spending time with people in my amazing hostel, and with Kai who has been flaky but we had a great day two days ago. The foods been awesome, cheese, bread, meat, wine, more cheese, pizza, pasta, yum yum yum. I miss KBBQ and mexican food though. I should cook for the hostel but im lazy and insecure about my cooking, haha we shall see.

Tomorrow, MONACO, yay finally!

I think that is it. WOW im tired. no more writing. I will update you as soon as I can, I missed you!

California is coming to an end.

5 Sep

Oh no, exactly one week left until I jet-set off to Europe. How did my month back in California go by so fast! I am sad yet getting excited and anxious! My mom is a clinical hoarder and it’s driving me a little nuts. Plus my sister is never home, and the kids just started school so I am getting even more antsy to leave! I am planning to spend my last weekend in LA and although I feel guilty for leaving my mom, I see my mom everyday and she’s so busy with my grandma that I know she won’t mind. Plus, my last two nights home will be in San Diego.

OMG Labor Day weekend, I forgot to tell you! WOW Tabby’s birthday was more crazy than I expected. We went to the Fortune pool party at Andaz (it was F&%$* hot) then Quality Social for dinner (where my sister left me for most of it) then to Beefam’s house (whom I had just met) then to Sidebar for 5/10 (people there are weird!) then to Fluxx for Lil Jon. Why is my sister friends with Lil Jon? WTF. hahaha entertaining to say the least though. I actually got to meet him and say hello all while dancing right next to him while he was DJing. It was def the perfect end to my LDW in San Diego. Too bad Tabby couldn’t make it to Fluxx. I guess we are getting old.

I hope this weekend is one to remember too! I am sure it will because I will get to spend it with my besties, Christine, Sunny and Maduko. I miss LA and I definitely want to hop over there before I leave. I want to visit Venice Beach, Santa Monica, maybe even take the girls out to a little Korean BBQ so I can show off my terrible Korean. We shall see! I will update when before I head off to Europe.

California Love

1 Sep

I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks since I’ve been home. It’s been so fun and nice seeing my family and friends. I got to see Paulina, my best friend since McKinley and my entire crew from UCR which was just the craziest weekend I’ve had in a long time. My mom has been so sweet and caring since I’ve been home, cooking my favorite Mexican food. It made me realize how much I missed tacos, enchiladas, and salsa! I had my favorite Cantonese food my first week back, with the entire family. I’ve been eating lots of cheese and avocadoes too! It’s been food heaven!

ImageI would have to say one of the best reasons to be back home is seeing Bubba, and Ella; my sister Arlene’s babies. Well not really, Ella is 6 now and Bubba is 9 but they are much bigger than how I remember them. It’s been so fun taking them places and spending lots of time with them. We’ve been taking walks, going to the park and museums. I hope to make up for lost time but I know a month isn’t enough to make up for the two years I’ve been gone. I really think children need positive role models in their life, people to look up to and to stimulate their little minds. Teaching children for the past two years has taught me just how precious children are and how important education really is. That’s one thing that might be crazy about Korea, but one of the reasons I love it, the true value and importance that Koreans put on education. In comparison, Americans don’t care, and teachers are barely starting to get the respect they deserve. It’s sad.

Either way, it’s good to be home! It was much needed! I am excited for my European adventures that lay ahead but it was time I came home.

Rivy Reunion

28 Aug

OK so this past weekend was just NUTTY. I have been home in Cali for two weeks and it has been amazing. Spending time with my niece and nephew. my mom. mexican food. avocadoes. PERFECT weather. the beach. sisters. old friends from when I was young but WOW its been pretty mellow.

Up until this weekend. My UCR group of friends and I rented this amazing beach house in Mission beach. 3 nights. Before half the crew even came, I partied all night at bang bang and fluxx with my sister, Dimitris, and Clayton, such a wild drunk night. We saw Nero and ATB which was fun…from what I can remember. Then Friday night. It was so crazy to see the girls, especially when I first saw them and picked them up at the train station. It felt so nostalgic to be sitting in the car with them just chatting like old times. We went to the house and immediately started getting schmammmered. We went bar hopping in PB, PB Alehouse, Firehouse, Duckdive. So fun. The best part was the surprise I felt when I saw Danny, Ryan and Coop who I had NO CLUE were coming. It was such an awesome surprise and I couldn’t stop smiling all night. Afterparty was fun. Went to bed around 5am.

Sat day, we had micheladas and cheeseburgers for lunch. Then went to the beach and continued the drinking. Sat night was Bottle Poppin time! So awesome! I love dancing around the table, laughing, twerking and getting crazy. I was WOW drunk. It was so fun! I even took a random pole, and sunglasses from the DJ Booth. So wild.

Sunday, wavehouse (ravehouse) and beach. Sunday night chill. Said bye to most of the crew. Monday, Christine Maduko and I hit up Torrey Pines and Ocean Beach. SHOP SHOP SHOP. we all got the California necklace from http://www.mimi& too! Such a cute necklace, gotta represent. but yeah…lots more happened but I can’t be to indecent on this thing haha.

Overall, great weekend with good friends. #ucr baby! Started from the Rivy, now we here! So proud of our crew, doing big things!


Spring time in Seoul – 20 months later

26 Mar

OMG. I have been in Seoul for 20 months how nutty is that?

I completely forgot about you blog, I suck I know. I started my masters in September and since then time management has been a pain. Not to mention the endoscopy in November. 2 months of soberdom. Also, the fact that I have a Korean boyfriend doesn’t help. It will technically be a year since we met at the end of April. WTF.

How is that possible? Anyways Koreans and especially conservative Koreans are soooooooo much different than western guys. They are emotional, sensitive, sweet, nice, thoughtful. Their is a negative side though, they are not as manly, funny, cool, witty, lack sarcasm (probably the language barrier) and overall not as fun. Some Korean men are crazy funny cool dont get me wrong. Just my boyfriend happens to be the sweet, sensitive type. I like it though, it calms me, grounds me and makes me more in touch with my emotional side which did not really exist before him.

My new job I started in August is going ok, I have an amazing Korean co-worker named Becca who I would die without. She helps me, understands me, and isn’t afraid to say no. She works her ass off. If it weren’t for her, I would hate my school. Everyone else is meh. They’re nice but the lack of interaction and language barrier doesn’t really help. ALSO, the new news with my school, uhm they got caught having an English program in the morning which technically they aren’t because they are a government-sponsored Korean kindergarten. UH-OH. bad news. especially for me I might have to change schools again! My last school which I also loved closed their doors which is why i moved in the first place.

UGH. Not the best March ever. March is terrible in the teaching English world. I hope if I move to the sister school, I will at least get to take Becca with me. I am not to fond of their teachers.

Besides that, work, health haahha uhm still working out. got a kettle bell, makes me work out at home when in reality I should be gyming it everyday.

School is chill, I have my flow and schedule going so it’s not bad. I read after work or at work, I do my assignments at home, not to shabby.

OHHHH I am saving for Europe in the fall. Excited but realizing I will go alone. Why are people so scared to travel, move abroad, explore, get out of their comfort zone. I still believe travelling for a week during christmas holiday is fun but it doesn’t compare to uprooting your life and moving to a brand new country. What are people so scared about? It’s amazing.

What else is new…

Oh I need a new digital camera so hopefully I can start posting some good pics on here.

I have made a few new friends recently too, thanks to Holly meeting Suhong on a hike. His wife Juli, so sweet. Vanessa, a crazy amazing canadian who I can talk to about anything and lives in the same area as me, score! I just hope we keep in contact.

I have met a few other people but I guess people aren’t on the same wavelength or am I too judgmental? Maybe a bit of both? I really need to stop but Korea is brainwashing me a bit, I mean they are extremely judgemental people! How you dress, how you look, your hair, clothes, your EYES. hahah ughhh ok I will try to stop.

I think that is it for now. I will try to remember you blog. 🙂

Christmas Travels

17 Jan

I need to update you more regularly. I apologize for the long hiatus, I’ve been extremely busy and had a special visitor visit me from home and after working 9-5, then exploring Seoul every night and crazy sleepless weekends, I had zero time for you. While I want to share my experience of the past month with you, I need to update you on my current situation. I am in Thailand! I just got to Bangkok after being in Vietnam for a week, and while the vibe in Vietnam was chaotic yet cool, Bangkok is a whole other world. Nothing like I have ever experienced. It’s vibrant, rowdy, yet modern and sophisticated as well. I love it. I could live here. Safety hasn’t been a problem so far like I thought it would be so I am happy about that, but you never know, better to be safe than sorry right?!

So, let me tell you about my week in Vietnam first, myself and two friends started our vacation in Ho Chi Minh city which is in the south of Vietnam. A crazy city filled with mopeds, it’s about 80 percent mopeds, 20 percent cars. And pedestrians Do Not have the right of way. The first night there we just relaxed and had pho around the corner, it was only a dollar and it was amazing! The second day we just walked around, shopped, explored, crossing the streets is no fun, you constantly feel like you’re going to get hit by a car.

Christmas eve was unbelievable, my friends family took us on mopeds through a crazy street were no foreigners go, just locals, it was a huge street dedicated to Christmas lights and decorations. everyone was walking around, taking pictures, enjoying their friends and family. Viewing the city from a moped is ten fold better, the warm breeze on my face and zooming around traffic and people while watching sights was so exhilarating.

The cu chi tunnels were interesting as well, minus the American killer remarks haha it was funny Vietnamese propaganda but I know the Vietnamese don’t dislike Americans anymore, we were treated w respect and curiosity everywhere we went.

the food was my favorite part of Vietnam. now that I’ve been in Thailand for almost a week, I can honestly say I miss pho already. The pho, the sandwiches, bun cha, vermicelli, the veggies and coconut water.

Hanoi had a more relaxed vibe than Ho Chi Minh but still a city of mopeds and chaos. We did some sightseeing, ate the local food, and walked around a lot.

Halong bay was the best part of the north. amazing limestone scenery, amazing caves, and kayaking was fun too, so relaxing and serene.

So, I started this post while in Thailand but never got to finish it, I should have just posted it but for some reason I thought I would have gotten back to it sooner.

So, let me recall back to Phuket, Thailand since that was about two weeks ago haha. It was PERFECT. beaches, heat, tanning, foot massages, and lots of shopping. It is sooooooooo touristy, sales people haggling you everywhere you go but I still loved it. The fact you can sit on a beach chair a few from the ocean, and have food, drinks brought to you all while shopping and getting massages is paradise! I want to go back. Luckily, that was the last leg of our trip and it was beautiful and relaxing.

Now, I’m back in Seoul and have been getting back into the groove of work, it’s a busy time of the year since the school year is almost up and we have a end of the year festival. I am in charge of the two 5-year old classes which is no cake walk! They are so cute, but have trouble remembering their lines. It is fun to watch them get into it though, I’ve realized when it comes to teaching, the kids are only as engaged as you are in the material. If you have a boring voice with no enthusiasm, how are they supposed to get into the teaching??

I promise to start updating you more frequently. I know I will have more time now, well actually this weekend I am going to Taipei, Taiwan for the lunar new year but as soon as I get back from that, I am all yours I promise!

I want to update you more on friends, family, and love! Needless to say, each situation deserves its own post 🙂